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103 Effect of Aluminum Arc Butt Joint Weld Geometry on Fatigue Strength   
Jungho Cho, Sungjin Baek, Seungchul Shin, Gunho Lee, Mun-Gu Kang, Young-Rae Jo
Journal of Welding and Joining:103-108.  Publication Date (Web): February 22, 2021
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7 Epoxy Polymer Solder Pastes for Micro-Electronic Packaging Applications   
Ashutosh Sharma, Do Hyun Jung, Ju Seon Cheon, Jae Pil Jung
Journal of Welding and Joining:7-14.  Publication Date (Web): April 30, 2019   Cited by 3
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1 Development Trend and Prospect for Improving Fatigue Performance of Advanced High Strength Steel Welds in Automotive Chassis Applications   
Gyuyeol Bae, Hongchul Jeong
Journal of Welding and Joining:1-7.  Publication Date (Web): December 26, 2017
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38 Thermal Aging Characteristics of Sn-xSb Solder for Automotive Power Module   
Junhyuk Son, Minkyung Kim, Dong-Yurl Yu, Young-Ho Ko, Jeong-Won Yoon, Chang-Woo Lee, Young-Bae Park, Junghwan Bang
Journal of Welding and Joining:38-47.  Publication Date (Web): September 26, 2017   Cited by 5
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41 Simulate Reality - Deliver Certainty Through the Virtual Weld   
Dr.- Ing. Ralph Bernhardt, Dr.- Ing. Hendrik Schafstall, Inhyuck Hwang
Journal of Welding and Joining:41-46.  Publication Date (Web): October 30, 2016
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30 Effect of Various Factors on the Brazed Joint Properties in Al Brazing Technology   
Ashutosh Sharma, Seung Hyun Lee, Hyung Oh Ban, Young Sik Shin, Jae-Pil Jung
Journal of Welding and Joining:30-35.  Publication Date (Web): April 30, 2016
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21 Importance of Fundamental Manufacturing Technology in the Automotive Industry and the State of the Art Welding and Joining Technology   
InSung Chang, YongJoon Cho, HyunSung Park, DeugYoung So
Journal of Welding and Joining:21-25.  Publication Date (Web): February 29, 2016   Cited by 9
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1 Influence of Various Additional Elements in Al Based Filler Alloys for Automotive and Brazing Industry   
Ashutosh Sharma, Y.S. Shin, Jae-Pil Jung
Journal of Welding and Joining:1-8.  Publication Date (Web): October 30, 2015   Cited by 6
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32 Epoxy solder paste and its applications   
Jong-Tae Moon, Yong-Sung Eom, Jong-Hyun Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:32-39.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2015   Cited by 3
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25 Validation of sequence test method of Pb-free solder joint for automotive electronics   
A Young Kim, Chul Min Oh, Won Sik Hong
Journal of Welding and Joining:25-31.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2015
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288 Degradation Characteristics of Eutectic and Pb-free Solder Joint of Electronics mounted for Automotive Engine   
A Young Kim, Won Sik Hong
Journal of Welding and Joining:288-294.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2014   Cited by 1
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257 Recent Study of Thermal Spray for Green Automotive Industry   
Ho-Cheon Yoo
Journal of Welding and Joining:257-266.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2014
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169 Proper Arc Welding Condition Derivation of Auto-body Steel by Artificial Neural Network   
Jungho Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:169-173.  Publication Date (Web): May 14, 2014
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17 Fiber Laser Welding in the Car Body Shop
- Laser Seam Stepper versus Remote Laser Welding -
Berthold Kessler
Journal of Welding and Joining:17-22.  Publication Date (Web): August 31, 2013   Cited by 3
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1 Laser Stitch Welding Technology for the Fabrication of Automotive Parts   
Sung-Min Joo, Hee-Seon Bang, Jun-Ui Han, Kyoung-Hak Kim, Byoung-Ho Ahn
Journal of Welding and Joining:1-6.  Publication Date (Web): August 31, 2013   Cited by 1
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44 Prediction of Arc Welding Quality through Artificial Neural Network   
Jungho Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:44-48.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2013   Cited by 2
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22 Degradation Behavior of Solder Joint and Implementation Technology for Lead-free Automotive Electronics   
Won Sik Hong, Chul Min Oh
Journal of Welding and Joining:22-30.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2013   Cited by 5
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45 Laser Welding of Automotive Transmission Components
Young-Nam Ahn, Cheolhee Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:45-48.  Publication Date (Web): January 20, 2012
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38 A Study on the Prediction of the Optimal Welding Condition for Automotive Steel Sheets in MAG Welding Process
Han-Sur Bang, Hee-Seon Bang, Sung-Min Joo, Chan-Seung Ro, Bo-Ram Sung, Han-Gil Suk
Journal of Welding and Joining:38-43.  Publication Date (Web): July 6, 2009
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60 A Study on the High Temperature Tensile Characterisitics of Lap Weld of 15Cr Ferritic Stainless Steels
Young-Gi Lee, Gyeong-Cheol Lee, Jae-Seong Kim, Do-Seok Han, Seung-Taek Oh, Bo-Young Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:60-65.  Publication Date (Web): November 12, 2008
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