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Review Papers A Review on Welding of Dissimilar Metals in Car Body Manufacturing
Md. Abdul Karim, Yeong-Do Park
J Weld Join. 2020;38(1):8-23.
Research Papers A Study on the Effect of Wire Composition on Welding with Gap and Offset in Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) GMAW
Md. R. U. Ahsan, Taehoon Kim, Duck bong Kim, Changwook Ji, Yeong-Do Park
J Weld Join. 2018;36(5):12-18.
Development of the Tool for Friction Stir Welding of High Temperature Materials
Kwang-jin Lee, Sang-hyuk Kim, Hyun-guk Park, Ik-hyun Oh
Journal of KWJS. 2011;29(5):54-57.
Research Papers Impact of Wavelengths of CO2, Disk, and Green Lasers on Fusion Zone Shape in Laser Welding of Steel
Won-Ik Cho, Suck-Joo Na
J Weld Join. 2020;38(3):235-240.
Research Papers A Review on Optimizations of Welding Parameters in GMA Welding Process
Ill-Soo Kim, Min-Ho Park
J Weld Join. 2018;36(1):65-75.
Research Papers Evaluation of Weldability based on Alignment Condition of Horns and Anvils used in Multilayered Battery Cell Welding Process in Ultrasonic Metal Welding
Seungmin Shin, Dongcheol Kim
J Weld Join. 2021;39(5):552-557.
Research Papers Development and Evaluation of Stainless Steel-Base Flux-Cored Wires for 9% Nickel Steel
Tae-Uk Park, Young-Cheon Jeong, Hee-Dae Im, Chang-hyun Choi, Woong Kil
J Weld Join. 2022;40(5):367-376.
Research Papers Secondary Thermal Deformation Characteristics of Stiffened Plate Exposed to Fire
Jeong-Hwan Kim, Seung-Su Yu, Myung-Su Yi, Jung-Kwan Seo
J Weld Join. 2022;40(5):385-392.
Research Papers Energy-based Beta Peak Extraction from Dynamic Resistance Curves
JaHun Ku, Youngdo Park, Namkug Ku
J Weld Join. 2022;40(5):401-409.
Research Papers Effect of Defects on Structural Integrity in High-Heat-Input Weldment
Dong-Pil Cho, Myung-Hyun Kim
J Weld Join. 2022;40(5):377-384.

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