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J Weld Join. 2014;32(4):339-347. Published online August 30, 2014.
Numerical Studies on Submerged Arc Welding Process
Degala Ventaka Kiran*, Suck-Joo Na*
Corresponding author: Suck-Joo Na ,Email:
A quantitative understanding on the effect of the welding conditions on weld joint dimensions and weld thermal cycle is difficult through experimental studies alone. The experimental realization of temperature distribution in the weld pool is proved to be extremely difficult due to the small size of welds, high peak temperature and steep temperature gradients in weld pool. This review deals with the heat transfer and fluid flow analysis to understand the parametric influence of a single wire submerged arc welding (SAW) and multi-wire SAW processes on the weld bead dimensions, temperature and fluid flow distribution in the weldment.

Keywords :Submerged arc welding process, Heat transfer and fluid flow analysis, Tandem submerged arc welding process.

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