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J Weld Join. 2015;33(1):7-13. Published online February 28, 2015.
Review of magnetic pulse welding
Bong-Yong Kang*
Corresponding author: Bong-Yong Kang ,Email:
Magnetic pulse welding(MPW) is a solid state welding process that is accomplished by a magnetic pulse causing a high-velocity impact on two materials, resulting in a true metallurgical bond. One of the great advantages of MPW is that it is suitable for joining dissimilar metals. No heat affected zones are created because of the negligible heating and the clean surfaces formation that is a consequence of the jet and the metal is not degraded. Also, compared to other general welding processes, this process leads to only a low formation of brittle intermetallic compounds However, although this process has many advantages its application to industrial fields has so far been very low. Therefore, in this study we are presenting the principles, apparatus and application of MPW for application the industrial fields.

Keywords :Magnetic pulse welding, Dissimilar metals welding, Electromagnetic force

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