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J Weld Join. 2015;33(3):12-18. Published online June 30, 2015.
Mechanical fastening and joining technologies to using multi mixed materials of car body
Yong Kim*, Ki-Young Park*, Sung-Bok Kwak**
Corresponding author: Yong Kim ,Email:
The ultimate goal of developing body is revealed the “lightweight” at latest EuroCarBody conference 2012 and the most core technology is joining process to make lightweight car body design. Accordingly, in this study, the car body assembly line for the assembly process applies to any introduction, particularly in the assembly of aluminum alloy and composite materials applied by the process for the introductory approached. Process were largely classified by welding (laser, arc, resistance, and friction stir welding), bonding (epoxy bonding) and mechanical fastening (FDS, SPR, Bolting and clinching). Applications for each process issues in the case and the applicable award was presented, based on the absolute strength of the test specimens and joining characteristics for comparative analysis were summarized. Finally, through this paper, we would tried to establish the characteristics of the joint for lightweight structure.

Keywords :Lightweight, Joining technology, Mechanical fastening, Adhesive bonding, Euro car body, Tensile shear strength

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